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    Hey Guys,

    I just want to create thumbnails for my blog posts. I know that I have to use Featured Media Section. My problem is slideshow options or “default small”. As I mentioned before I just want to have thumbnails thats all, I don’t want to use the default small in slideshow options or any options.. I tried everything, but I couldn’t fix the problem. Any suggestions?



    if you want to template without slideshow you can create your own by using the template builder. Go to Brightbox Options > Template builder and create a template without slideshow…


    I have to check that for every post? Don’t I have to create a template for each post?



    no – you only need to create the template one time, then select it in your page/post editor. It’s an option field on the right side called “Dynamic Templates”.



    all my pages created by template builder, I had to use “Dynamic Templates”. However, When I create a template, I normally fill the blanks in the Template Builder not in the post. Because whatever I do in post or page editor, after picking the dynamic template it doesn’t show up.

    So now there is a big question? Can I create a template in a template builder, and use the same template in different pages or posts. So where do I fill, where do I put my content? Because when I use the dynamic template, I always have to put my content inside the template builder..

    Thanks Dude, Let me know


    In the template builder you can select the “Post/Page content” element. If you select “Display the content of this post/page” Brightbox will fill in the content of your current page where you use the template. So you can generate one template and and use it on all pages where you need the same html/structure layout. If you need a different layout per page you’ll have to build more templates.


    Thanks Dude,

    I got it. One last question about this issue, how can i create a sidebar for a template where I created in template builder? Thanks a lot for quick response.


    Dude, couldn’t find a way to create a sidebar.. Would you please help?



    currently it’s not possible to create template with a sidebar – however I already reported this feature request to Kriesi.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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