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    On the blog layout it defaults to have a side bar but i tried to remove it through the code but it is now just occupied with an empty white space. I would like to have the blog to spread across the page but i couldnt seem to do this with the built in layout options.(

    Sorry for the spam of questions ive been trying to edit the code myself but with little luck.Thanks again!



    Hello, you don’t have to edit the code to have a full blog layout. On your Dashboard, go to Pages and edit your Blog, look for Page Layout then select “Full preview image, no sidebar”

    Hope this helps. Make sure to have the original code back.




    hi ismael, I am using “abundance”. I want to have no sidebar in the blog too. I went to follow your istructions: in “post layout” I have a lot of options, but ALL of them have a sidebar (i.e. there is no “full preview image, so sidebar option”)

    am I missing something?



    Hi dialogue99,

    Unfortunately there isn’t an option that I know from the theme that will give the blog a full width layout. The elements are set with css such that even if you remove the sidebar from the default template and set the blog container to 930px (full width of the container) the other pieces of the blog will all need to have their css re-done to fit the full width layout.

    I believe in Ismael was thinking of a different theme in his advice above.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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