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    Blog page using dynamic template will not show slideshow. Please advise.

    I have tried all permutations of different settings to no avail.

    I had this issue before and somehow fixed it, but it randomly reared it’s ugly head again.

    I applied 1.2.1 today, that did not help.

    -terryd for Nancygyes


    Ok, so I tried some things, what causes this? the content and sidebar and footer are all over the place.



    the output is very wired (some code before the doctype tag and outside the body, etc.

    Please try to deactivate all plugins – maybe one causes a conflict. Make sure that all theme files (except the stylesheets) are untouched/unmodified. I’d try to reuopload all themes files again – this will solve the issue if one or more files are corrupt at the moment.



    I’m guessing you meant weird instead of wired. grin. And you are right, I didn’t think to look at the source, since I am not yet very familiar with how wp massages php and the db into a web page.

    I noticed when preparing the propulsion files for being reuploaded that many of the framework files were newer than anything I had, which seemed odd since framework files were not listed as updated in the versions.rtf.

    …so, reuploading didn’t change anything. The only thing that gets the pages lined up right is NOT using a template. And then we lose the slideshow.

    deactiving plugins…

    AHA, this one seemed to be the culprit

    WP Mailto Links–Version 0.24 | By Victor Villaverde Laan

    These plugins appear to be compatible:

    404 Redirected–Version 1.2 | By Weberz Hosting | Visit plugin site

    Add From Server–Version | By Dion Hulse | Visit plugin site–Version 2.5.5 | By Automattic

    All-in-One Event Calendar–Version 1.2.5 | By The Seed Studio

    All in One SEO Pack–Version | By Michael Torbert

    Bad Behavior–Version 2.2.1 | By Michael Hampton

    bbPress–Version 2.0.2 | By The bbPress Community

    bbPress Admin Bar Addition–Version 1.4 | By David Decker – DECKERWEB

    bbPress Antispam–Version 0.6 | By Daniel Hüsken

    Black Studio TinyMCE Widget–Version 0.9 | By Black Studio

    Comprehensive Google Map Plugin–Version 6.0.3 | By Alexander Zagniotov

    Duplicate Post–Version 2.2 | By Enrico Battocchi

    Easy FancyBox–Version | By RavanH |

    Easy PayPal Custom Fields–Version 2.0.7 | By Richard Sweeney

    Email Address Encoder–Version 1.0.3 | By Till Krüss

    Google Analytics for WordPress–Version 4.2.4 | By Joost de Valk

    Google Doc Embedder–Version 2.2.3 | By Kevin Davis

    Login Alert–Version 0.2.1 | By PasqualePuzio

    Select Media File Manager

    Media File Manager–Version 1.1.0 | By Atsushi Ueda

    Reveal IDs–Version 1.2.4 | By Oliver Schlöbe

    Use Google Libraries–Version 1.2 | By Jason Penney

    Visual Form Builder–Version 2.0 | By Matthew Muro

    W3 Total Cache–Version | By Frederick Townes

    Widget Logic–Version 0.51 | By Alan Trewartha

    WooCommerce–Version 1.4.2 | By WooThemes

    WooCommerce Admin Bar Addition–Version 1.8 | By David Decker – DECKERWEB

    WP-DBManager–Version 2.63 | By Lester ‘GaMerZ’ Chan

    WP Admin Microblog–Version 2.1.0 | By Michael Winkler

    WP Maintenance Mode–Version 1.7.1 | By Frank Bültge

    WP Overview (lite)–Version 2011.0101.1111 | By sLa

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