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    Hi ….

    I have a problem with the way widgets are being displayed on the main blog page…can anyone help?

    I have two widgets that show at the bottom of the post list in the main, right-hand area that should be displayed in the sidebar. One is set to show in the ‘Sidebar Blog’ section the other in the ‘Display Everywhere’ section. One is a text widget with affilaite code from Comission Junction the other is a widget from the ‘Addertsing Manager’ plugin ….I’ve tried various options and combinations but can’t seem to get it to show correctly? When clicking through to an individual post they display correctly. If I’m doing something wrong I’m not sure sure what … ?

    The site is here with the blog page here

    Any help much appreciated





    did you modify the theme code? I checked your website with w3c valdator and got several errors:

    On error (div tag omitted) is severe – please fix it first. Also try to deactivate all plugins. Maybe one causes a conflict.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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