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    This issue has been driving me crazy for the year I have been using the Shoutbox theme. I have tried all sorts of fixes, nothing works on a consistent basis. There must be a simple fix that I am not seeing. Here is what I want to do:

    In a POST, I want every image to appear full width. The depth, can vary to the original photo.

    Right now if I place an image full width, in the post view it appears stretched out and not at all like the original.

    So, What size does the original photo need to be, What size does it need to be in the functions.php file????

    HELP!!! Here is a link to a blog post: (see how the second photo is stretched?


    Actually this is a better example



    i had the same issue for a while. This plugin did the trick for me though

    “No Image Width or Height”

    Now after installing that sometimes when you insert the image it might show like this:

    img title=”eatineatout” src=”http://eatineatout/wp-content/ uploads/picture-1-500×390. jpg” alt=”” />

    Notice the 500×390 The 500 will change depending on the width of your image but the 390 will always be the same since its what our theme restricts it too.

    Simply delete the -500×390 and you should have the image size you are looking for.

    If you are uploading a lot of images in one post and want to get rid of all -500×390 simply copy all your links into Microsoft word do CTRL+F than find and replace. Find -500×390 and replace with blank.

    Copy back to wordpress and done

    Hope this helps :)


    Is the plugin called “No Image Width or Height”?


    Hey Eri,

    Thanks for the help. Although you can control the image size on functions.php, I think the plugin could help.




    I found that plugin and installed it. It lets me control the size of the width of the photo in the post. However, if the original photo uploaded to media was vertical i.e: 911 w x 1200 h the photo is cropped at 400?


    Hi Ikennedy,

    In the example given by eri(http://eatineatout/wp-content/ uploads/picture-1-500×390. jpg), you can remove the appended text “-500×390” or something that looks like that. Remove it and you will get the original image which isn’t cropped.




    Thanks so much guys that works perfectly!!! I now have total control over size of post images. Thanks so much!!!!!



    Glad we could help.



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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