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    I’ve posted once before but I’ve received no response. Could someone in your support please help me resolve this issue?

    I’m having issues with images show up in the blog post.

    I have a Blog Page and have just started with the entries. The latest 2 entries have images attached (per your video instructions) and I’m not able to get the images to show up like this example: Can you please direct me into how to fix this issue?

    Thank you.


    Hi april1fools,

    Make sure after adding the image to the image gallery you choose the Gallery Layout “image list attached to the entry” and not leave it on background slider only.

    Taking a look at your other post the day before this one, it sounds like there might be or have been a plugin conflict possibly. I can’t actually see any of the issues as you’ve switched to a different theme at the moment. If you decide to switch again and continue to have issues let us know :)


    Hmm, do you know what kind of plugins are causes the conflict?

    I have the same problem like april1fools.


    And by the way, how do I made a Flashlight update?



    You can make an update by re-downloading the theme from themeforest (log in with your account and open the “Downloads” menu item udner your account name at the top right)

    Then upload the latest theme folder to your installation. If you have done any modifications to the template files then we would recommend only to upload the files that have changed with the update. The version.txt file tells you which one those are.

    As for your problem: which post did you attach an image to and it didnt show up. Would you mind posting a link to the post itself?


    Hey Kriesi,

    thanks for the reply.

    If you like, take a look at

    I would like to have the picture on the first entry like it is on the flashlight portfolio (

    Second question. How can I deactivate the hover effect on pictures?



    I´have found the class do modify the hover for images, fine.

    To my question about the image attach.

    In the flashlight video you show the option “image list attached to entry” on a “page”. I will make it happend on a “post”.

    Is it possible to show the first image in that type of site?

    Can I activate links etc. maken in a post, in the post-overview site too?


    Okay, I´m one step closer.

    I´ve checked the index-loop.php and hardcode:

    new avia_embed_images();

    in the class=”entry-content” and the image appears (buggy). But it shows in every post…. t(he image that I have setup in the last post).

    So is there somhing wrong with the if-statement or did I miss something in the post-gallery-backend??


    Can anybody help me?

    I´ve followed the instruction video but no image is shown on my post.


    I’m not aware of a way to achieve this configuration. You need to decide if you’d like to use a slideshow “Image Slideshow at the top of the entry” – it will be displayed before the entry or you can display the image after the entry by using “Image list attached to the entry” or “WordPress Default Gallery attached to the entry”. It’s not possible to “divide” the gallery and to display one part at the top and one part after the entry.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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