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    Hi friends,
    How are you, I hope you’re all good and everything is fine there.
    Thanks a lot for your support and precious time, and patience.

    Please examine the image below, representing the “blog” posts:

    Blog Page With Blog Posts

    When I click on the author‘s name on any post, it shows the all posts from that author in an elegant format like the image below (each post is displayed with PARTIAL TEXT, and when user clicks on the caption, they can see the entire individual post.):

    author posts all together in a shortened format.

    But when I click to a category from any post, it shows all posts from that category but not like the way it did with the author’s posts, it shows each post from the category with their FULL TEXT, which is not as user-friendly as the way “author” blog meta element does when showing related posts. How can I make the “category” blog Meta element to behave like “author” blog meta element? (showing the posts from that category partially and when the visitor clicks the caption of the post they see it completely)

    Thanks for all your help and patience.
    I hope I was able to describe it.
    Wish you the very best.
    Kind Regards,

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    Hi Bedros!

    Thanks, i hope you are doing well as well :)
    Please refer to Peter’s post here to change archive layout – http://www.kriesi.at/support/topic/how-to-get-a-different-layout-for-the-blog-page-without-breaking-breadcrumbs/#post-256745

    Best regards,


    Yigit Merhaba,
    tekrar ayni konuyla ilgili bir thread acmak istemedim.
    Buradan rahatsiz ettigim icin uzgunum.
    Gorunuse gore,


    adresindeki formulde sadece

    bir fark yaratiyor, diger’leri herhangi bir degisiklik yaratmiyor.


    Yukaridaki ucu bende herhangi bir fark yaratmadi, ne dersin?
    Hersey icin cok tesekkurler.
    Wish you the best,

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    Rica ederim Bedros! Have a great weekend! :)


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