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    I’m having problems with the breadcrumb in Corona’s theme.

    In portfolio page, it shows perfectly Elkoma/Testimoniales (I’m using the portfolio as testiomanials page…)


    but when I click in the firstone: http://wp.elkoma.com/testimoniales-clientes/ (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -valencia/

    It shows me in the breadcrumb Elkoma/Testimoniales/Horno San Joaquín de Serra (Valencia)

    and I click in testimonials in the breadcrumb it goes to a page http://wp.elkoma.com/portfolio_entries/clientes/ instead of http://wp.elkoma.com/testimoniales/

    I don’t know where these page is created (portfolio_entries) and why it puts a sidebar…

    Can you help me please… Thanks



    I am sorry, you say that you don’t know where portfolio entries are created or that you don’t know who created the portfolio entries you are seeing? Because I thought you said you created a few portfolio entries that you’ve been using as testimonials, so I am a bit confused, and I am sorry.

    Your website is not accessible , behind a maintenance plugin.

    i see you have /testimoniales/ – /portfolio-entries/ – /testimoniales-clientes/ … and the portfolio-entries is the one you do not want?

    In the backend Choices > Theme Options > Portfolio … what do you see in the first text box on that page? portfolio entries?




    Hi Nick

    Now my site is online, sorry for maintenance…

    About you question of…

    In the backend Choices > Theme Options > Portfolio … what do you see in the first text box on that page? portfolio entries?

    About this, I can tell you that I’ve changed the original “portfolio-item” for another that is “testimoniales-clientes”, but this works fine… the problem that I have is that I whant a breadcrumb based on my PAGE TESTIMONIALES and not in the CATEGORY PORTFOLIO “clientes”.

    When I click “clientes” (the only category porfolio that I have in the site) I want to open the page TESTIMONIALES and not the archive for category.

    Now I have this breadcrumb when I am in the protfolio item:

    Elkoma / Clientes / KOMA testimonial 3 clientes

    (Site/category portfolio/portfolio item)

    And I want this one:

    Elkoma / Testimoniales / KOMA testimonial 3 clientes

    Site/PAGE testimoniales of menu/ protfolio item




    Dude, our chief of support explains the breadcrumb structure here http://www.kriesi.at/support/topic/ (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -working-right . The only thing I can suggest is to mask the breadcrumbs on these pages and use http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/breadcrumb-navxt/.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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