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    How can I have the breadcrumbs NOT display the Page Title ??

    I am new to WP but I find it very restrictive that the breadcrumb is a line of links and then the rightmost text is the document title ??
    I want the last rightmost bit of text to be the MENU text.

    How can this be achieved ??

    Eg – on my ‘About’ page (the Menu button for this page is called “About”).

    However, the page Title is “3D Modelling | 3D Still Image and 3D Animation Visualisers”.

    I want the breadcrumb simply to be;

    Home / About

    And not;

    Home / About / 3D Modelling | 3D Still Image and 3D Animation Visualisers

    We just want “Home / About”.

    Please advise.

    Thank you.

    Kindest regards,

    Jez EMIN
    http://www.3dvisuals.co.uk (old site).
    http://www.3dvisuals.co.uk/newsite (being developed right now using Enfold theme !)


    Hi Jez!

    You would need to change the page title to whatever you want it to be. There isn’t really another option in this case unless you want to use a plugin to replace the breadcrumbs or re-write the code for them to accept some other meta field data or something like that.

    If you don’t want the page name to be the page name then the page shouldn’t be named that. If you want a different page title for SEO reason there are plugins that let you change the page title easily (any SEO plugin).



    Hi Devin,

    I want the page title to be whatever I set it, in the above example the page title is “3D Modelling | 3D Still Image and 3D Animation Visualisers”

    However, I do NOT want the breadcrumb to have the page title in there as well.

    I simply want the breadcrumb to have the string of links needed to get to that page, so for example “Home / About”.


    Kindest regards,

    Jez EMIN
    http://www.3dvisuals.co.uk/newsite/ (under development)



    Then you will need to hire a freelance developer to make the customization to the way the breadcrumbs are generated.

    Best regards,

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