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    I am trying to get a child theme setup as to not screw with the original theme code. Other threads I have read insinuate that this should be easy and point back to codex for answers. The obvious issue is that even a basic child setup has not been tested by Kriesi (or staff) or the results would be touched upon in more detail (rather then just the pointer back to codex). Also please note… this is not a rant, and I have a smile on my face as I am writing this. So please do not feel like I am biting your leg off.

    I have tested a child setup on a couple other themes (free generic themes… basic code), and all work fine. The issue with BrightBox and perhaps others fails when the functions.php gets put into place.

    So here is the setup……

    create folder: brightbox-child

    in folder: create style.css and add the following


    Theme Name: BrightBox Child

    Description: BrightBox Customizations

    Author: Your Name

    Template: brightbox


    @import url(“../brightbox/style.css”);

    (customizations here)

    –> save file

    This is all that is required to create the child in it’s basic form. Adding code to the style.css works fine.

    Now create a functions.php. If you add nothing to the file all works fine… as soon as you add


    to the top of the file, save and refresh, all is broken. It does not matter if you close the tag, nothing will work.

    This is the child theme issue I am having, and codex does not help resolve this issue, nor does extreme Google searching.

    To better understand what I want to do with the functions file is this. I would like to add the following shortcode function without it being overwritten in later updates (should there be any).

    –> style.css:

    span.keyword {background-color:yellow;}

    –> functions.php

    function keyword_shortcode( $atts, $content = null ) { return ‘<span class=”keyword”>’ . $content . ‘</span>’; }

    add_shortcode( ‘keyword’, ‘keyword_shortcode’ );

    Thanks for any further insight anyone can offer into this matter.




    Does no one use child themes? Did I miss a post where this was discussed?


    I would be interested in creating child themes, too.


    Hey Guys!

    Using child themes works exactly like mentioned in the documentation. its true, i seldom put them to use but after reading about your problems I tried to create a brightbox child theme on my own and it works perfectly fine (both with own css file and own functions.php file)

    So I can one again only point you to the wordpress codex:

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