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    Hi, i want to know if is possible to create a a Widget or Short Code widget where a can print a random portofolio items.

    You can see my idea on I have created a custom Template, and then i created a Text Area where i used and avia_portofoliobox widget. I want to put a random categorie there instead just one.

    Thank you for your help



    open up brightboxframeworkphpclass-framework-widgets.php and replace:

    $this->avia_new_query = ''; //set a custom query here


    $this->avia_new_query  = array(	"posts_per_page"=>$count, "orderby"=>"rand",  'tax_query' => array(
    array( 'taxonomy' => $this->avia_term,
    'field' => 'id',
    'terms' => explode(',', $cat),
    'operator' => 'IN')


    Thank you, it work, but may be i could not explain what i’m looking for… know the widget display a random portofolio item, but always the same, that i actually need is if i reload the page, the portofolio items change.

    Than you for your help




    the “orderby”=>”rand” shouldselect a new post each time you reload the page. Maybe you’ve activated page content caching (W3TC, Super Cache) and you’re viewing a “static” page.


    Thank you Dude, I was using the W3TC, but i just erased the plugin, but i still have the same problem.


    Hi, Dude, I was checking again, and i found that i did not use the code, because the code doesn’t work. When i’m using the code, the widgets i’m using in my home. does not display the portofolio entries at all. Please help me again, i want to know what i’m doing wrong.

    Thank you-


    Hey Dude, I’m still having the same problem, the portfolio doesn’t display in random post in the widget i put in the home

    When i use the code you give, the widget doesn’t display any item. I’m really need your help right now, because i have to put the site on line next week. i really appreciate you help.

    Thank you


    I changed the code above a bit. Please try it again.


    Still having the same problem, the site is now online, on and the random portfolio doesn’t work.

    I changed the code, the warning is no longer on the page but, the portfolio random doesn’t work. Rigth now i’m usin differents sub categories of the portfolio in order to show different people, but please i you can help me with that you will be one of my favorites persons.

    Thank you


    Hi Dude, any suggestions for the random portfolio? I’m still doing this by hand every day…. but i really need this…. can you help me again, please?


    I’m sorry but I don’t know a quick solution for the problem. It’s for sure possible but would require a major rewrite of the query and that’s a time intensive task (which is beyond the scope of my support job).


    Ok thanks Dude, maybe is it possible to get a quote for do this job?


    Please send me a mail to: (Email address hidden if logged out) and I’ll make you a quote.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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