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    When I go to Theme Options, nothing seems to work in any browser? Show all options doesn’t expand anything and the “Save all changes” button doesn’t save what I have put in the selected fields. For example, I put in the page I would like on my Frontpage Settings, but it always defaults back to Select a Page because I cannot Save all changes. Please help?! Thanks:)


    Also, I can’t upload images in the slider section under Add Featured Image(s)? So basically no button options that I really need are working within the theme. I’ve tried using other themes and everything works.



    1) Which php and wp versions (version number please) do you run at the moment?

    2) Can you post a link to your test server please.


    1) I am running PHP 5, WP 3.1.3

    2) No test server – It is a new site so building directly there with maintenance mode activated. I have tried deactivating the maintenance mode plugin to see if the plugin was the issue – still not working. I’d rather not post the site on here – can email it if that helps?


    I just re-downloaded the theme and re-installed it. It is now working:) Maybe it was just the version I had originally? Either way it is working now and I love it! Thanks!


    Glad that the problem is solved now :)


    I am experiencing the same issues as jmmotsin. I did re-download the theme and re-installed it and the theme still doesn’t function fully (same issues: No “Save All”, “Show all options (+)” doesn’t expand, “Upload” button is dead to add Featured Image.

    I’m running PHP/5.2.17

    WP version 3.4.2




    Hi Allen,

    May the the installation wasn’t properly done. Try to check this demo on how to properly install the theme:



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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