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    i have a problem with internet explorer 8 browser on my website:

    when i open it with this browser it seems that everything massed up –

    all the website goes to the right (align) and its impossible to push any button.

    there is some way to overwrite file or files in order to restore the original files?

    or any other way to fix this issue?

    Thanks in advanced,




    Please add this on your custom.css or Quick CSS

    body {
    width: auto;




    Thank you Ismael for your response, but it still doesnt work.

    can you tell me in which file do i have to write it?

    Thanks again,



    Hi topnail,

    IE can’t have *anything* at all above the doctype declaration. So in your header.php file you’ve either added it or another plugin has but you have:

    <meta content="charset=utf-8" />
    <!DOCTYPE html>

    That meta content should not be above the doctype.




    Hi Devin,

    thank you for your response.

    can you please tell me how to remove this line

    <meta content=”charset=utf-8″ />

    above the doctype as you said?

    if a plugin added it so how can i know which plugin does it and remove it?

    im appreciate your answer.

    it is so importent to my website.




    I don’t know which plugin it could be but you can check your header.php to see if it has been added there. If its a plugin doing it, you’ll need to disable all of your active plugins and then re-enable them one by one to find out which one is causing the issue.




    Hi Devin,

    I removed all the plugins i have in order to see where is the problem but nothing happened.

    In header.php i dont see something wrong, so i can figure out what can cause the problem.

    can you tell me other possibilities that you think can help?




    Unfortunately there are no other possibilities. The site is being put into compatibility mode when viewed in IE because of that single extra line above the doctype.

    So its either from a plugin or that line being in your header file. You could re-download the theme files from your downloads on themeforest and then re-upload the header.php file so that it replaces your current one to see if that fixes the issue.



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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