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    I was just adding portfolio items when I noticed an unlogical difference of the AJAX preview image. Each featured image for the portfolio items are set to the exact same size (there is not mistake possible as I use the same psd to export them from). Yet, when I click on a portfolio item to open the AJAX page, some thumbnails are smaller, some are bigger.

    When I saw the first one way smaller than the rest, I went into WP Media Library to the image size settings. I changed nothing but just clicked “Update” and the AJAX preview suddenly seemed ok.

    Unfortunately, not all thumbnails are ok after I do this trick, most still stay above or below their actual dimensions. And either way, it’s important that I don’t have to do this trick, because there will be hundreds of items…


    FYI: I just refreshed the page and noticed the preview image that was corrected after an update is now wrong again. Haven’t changed anything about that image or even that portfolio item.


    Hi DavyE,

    Try using this plugin to regenerate your thumbnails:

    If the size was changed then the new size would only be reflected on new images so they would all need to be regenerated.




    Unfortunately, that’s not the solution. :(

    First, I haven’t changed anything about the theme or any code whatsoever since adding all 8 test images in a row. So there’s no reason why they should be regenarated. All thumbnails were added with the exact same dimensions. If they were different, they would also be different in the portfolio grid (they are set to no scaling). Yet in the grid they are all exactly the same, so why change in the AJAX preview?

    Second, I already tried regenarating the thumbnails with that plugin, to no avail.

    Third, the dimensions in the AJAX preview seem totally random. If I put text in the AJAX preview section, then the image is scaled to about 2/3 page width and the text area to 1/3 width, as seen on the Enfold demo site. If I enter nothing or only one or two words in it, then the image is scaled to about 1/4 page width and the text area to 3/4 width. Yet, in this last case the image is not strictly 1/4 of the page width, but sometimes more and sometimes less.

    To show you an example, see this link:

    Clicking on the first logo will show you the correct dimensions of that logo in the AJAX preview, but once you start navigating through other logos you will notice the change in dimensions between each logo. Completely random, it seems, though I personally assume it has something to do with the amount of text (longer texts or titles force the image to become bigger, smaller texts or titles force it to become smaller). For example the HML logo is small in preview, and it has only 3 letters. The Horst Pöppel logo is bigger, as the name is also bigger (name is even forced on two lines, why?).

    Thanks in advance.

    And one other question about the AJAX preview, but not related to the above issue:

    Is there a way to set the “Slideshow” function in the AJAX preview properties as standard instead of “Gallery”, please? It’s an immense job to manually change this for hundreds of items.


    Before anything else, try updating to the just released 1.7.1 which has some bug fixes and may help. In addition, re-create that page completely by removing the portfolio item-saving-then re-add it in.


    Did the update, recreated everything from scratch. Still same issue.

    But nevermind, stopped using AJAX now, I’ll just link to a new page.



    I agree with Devin, looks like regenerating the thumbnail will solve the issue. If you didn’t change anything with the code and you are uploading images with the same dimension then they should be cropped equally. We would like to inspect the issue but the link you gave us doesn’t have the AJAX turned on.



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