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    Using template builder, I added under woocommerce shortcode a products slider.

    If cart is empty, and I try to add new product, the cart doesn’t refresh well…

    See my site and test it!


    Please check if I’m wrong :)


    Someone tested that?


    Hi albertorrent,

    I’m not sure what is happening that should not/needs to be tested. Could you be a little bit more detailed on what exactly is happening and how you got the error?




    I have the same problem all of a sudden on my website

    When you add a product on the homepage it goes into the cart but the cart doesn’t show that a product is in there. It works fine on all other pages?

    Go to my website to see what I mean, it tells you it’s added the product but it doesn’t show that it’s in there.

    It goes away when i switch ‘wuick cache’ off. But it worked fine previously with quick cache on.


    Devin, if you add a product from “products slider” inserted with theme builder, and the cart is empty, the cart doesn’t refresh correctly.

    In your abundance 1.0.1 theme it works fine, but with my abundance 1.3 doesn’t work!!


    Hi albertorrent,

    Which browser and OS are you getting that error? I just tried it again with Chrome on a windows 7 machine and was able to add products to the cart without issue from the slider.




    Hi Devin, please log into my site: and try to add a product, the cart must be empty before adding a product from slider.



    Hi albertorrent,

    Are you referring to the drop down message box that should occur when you mouseover the “Cart” link that has the icon to the left? I was testing this Firefox (Windows 7) and noticed that the message box didn’t appear for me when on your website.

    See demo for reference:




    Yes, in abundance demo I can’t know if that error exist, because the abundance demo cart don’t have any product slider, so you can’t get references from demo.

    If in my site you see that error, I’m right no?

    Notice that in abundance demo is 1.0.1 and my site is 1.3.

    see again the bug in

    and try again to add a product with the cart empty.



    Hi albertorrent,

    In both Firefox and Chrome I don’t get the same issue. There is however about a 6 second delay from the time you click add to cart to when the message appears. I suspect it might be an issue with how fast the server is able to interact with the currently running scripts. If possible, you might want to see if the website host can increase our memory allowance.



Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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