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    HI, love the Choices theme! Have an issue when viewing the slide show and it happens in multiple browsers (chrome, IE, firefox). After the slide show starts, ALL the images of the other portfolios will cycle briefly on the far right-hand side of the page (viewing full page on a 24″ monitor). Maybe the offset needs to be changed to accommodate a wider monitor?

    Any ideas on how to fix it?



    What is your screen resolution?




    Hi Ismael, my screen is set to 1920 x 1200, my other screen is 1680 x 1080. Is it because it was designed for a 1080p screen?



    Hi canondude64,

    Can you post a screenshot? I don’t think the slideshow in this theme wouldn’t be centered if you use a higher screen resolution.




    Ismael, here is a link to a screen shot that I caught in transistion. At first when I tried to reproduce the problem, everything was fine. Then I clicked on the portfolio images (below the zoomed view) and it seemed to get stuck, so I reloaded the page and it started happening again.


    You can play with it at http://jameskmiles.com/portfolio.



    Hey canondude64,

    I’ve got the same screen and resolution as you and I’m not getting the same issue. In your browsers that you are testing with, do they all have plugins/dropins/add ons? Perhaps there is something interfering with the initial javascript loading process.

    Can you try to view the site in incognito mode in Chrome. If I’m not mistaken, it won’t load in anything other than default chrome so it might show things properly.





    See same problem here with latest chrome. (with incognito also) 1920×1200




    Hi Devin, it still does the same with incognito mode. I do have some plugins, but they aren’t loading in incognito mode. I also disabled all the extensions and restarted Chrome and it does the same thing. Maybe just my browser is messed up, have been having weird issues with Chrome lately (prints blank pages to a printer).

    If it works OK for you I’ll just assume it’s a fluke and not worry too much. It does work fine in IE and Firefox.

    Aleksandr, are you running Avast antivirus by chance? That’s the only thing I’ve changed recently but I’m not running their browser plugin.




    The main wrap for the page content also has a overflow: hidden value which is the other thing that makes me think it really shouldn’t give the same display error that you are seeing in the screenshot. If you find any more information that might help us to replicate it let us know and we can attempt to go further in finding a fix or a cause :)



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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