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    Selecting ‘Display Gallery on page load, user needs to click on the “home” button to show sidebar and content’ and giving the post a password results in a broken portfolio item; In the portfolio the item appears as usual with a padlock. When entering that portfolio item the page is blank.

    Caveat: If you’ve previously entered the password for that item (before choosing the ‘Display Gallery on page load, user needs to click on the “home” button to show sidebar and content’ setting) then the portfolio will work as expected.

    Removing the password the portfolio item works as expected. Setting Instant Background Gallery back to ‘Display Sidebar and content on page load, user needs to hide it manually’ the portfolio item works as expected.

    When the page is blank, viewing the source reveals that the HTML is there, so it looks to me like the password protection javascript removes the bottom bar (with the option to show the sidebar+content), and the ‘Display Gallery on page load…’ option removes both the sidebar and content area, despite the fact the content area is needed at this point in order to request the password. The result is a completely blank page that the user cannot enter a password into in order to progress.

    The code to hide the sidebar+content should really take place AFTER the password has been entered, i.e. when displaying the gallery. Not before.


    Hi shoestringsites,

    I believe the issue is that the sidebar and content are associated with the page content. So when you view a page with a password, the data is not even accessible to the user so it can not be manipulated yet.

    By setting the content to be hidden on load there is definitely a conflict between how the item is requested and how a user would enter a password but I’m not sure if its a solvable issue. The nature of the protection means no content (even the presence of a gallery) can be accessed until the password has been entered and the server receives it.

    I’ll tag Kriesi on the post so that he can take a look at it and see if a fix/word-around or something can be done for that specific instance.





    think I know what you want and i also think i got a good fix for that. will update it at the beggingn of the next week ;)




Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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