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    When I connect to website cart display an amount while cart is empty.

    You can check on screen shot

    It’written “Car is empty” and an amount is displayed.

    Also when I go an a product category page, the title “Boutique” is displayed instead of the title of the category.

    You can also check on the screenshit it’s category “Hebergement” and the title is “boutique”.

    Thank you.


    Hi ganjou,

    I’m not able to re-produce the error you have in the screenshot when visiting your site. It could just be a bug when adding-removing the product rapidly or an odd cache issue. Can you give us some steps to make it happen consistantly?

    As for the category, the title is just showing what you have the “shop” top level page called. It will show that name as the main title for all woo commerce pages.




    Thank you

    I really appreciate this theme it is great !!!

    I used also Abundance and will test Incarnation very soon.

    Congratulations !!!!!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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