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    I have the sensation that the images (all the images in the site) never get cached (altough my server hta policy enforces it).

    Is there something in the theme that I could do so that when I am moving from page-teo page, the images show imediately?




    More precisely: images contained in the contentwrap div. Seem not to cache. The header images as well as footer images seem to behave ok.


    There is an image preloader which forces a delay of around half a second between each image loading for 2 reasons, 1.) it’s a nice jQuery effect and 2.) whilst the site is loading it looks like it’s already finished.

    Image will cache if you have set them to.



    If I don’t want, can can I disabble that effect?



    Sure, open up /js/custom.js an find this line (around line 64):

    jQuery('#main').kriesi_image_preloader({delay:100, callback:removeloader}); // activates preloader for non-slideshow images

    and delete it!

    Best regards,



    I’ll comment it – in case I change my mind.




    Hi James.

    well – didn’t look like it solved. I back rolled.

    I checked with Firefox cache viewer. the images are cached but still do take a lot to show up.

    Please visit and check for yourself – if you leave Home (Início) and get back, the images take a lot to show. It should be instantaneous – they are in cache already.

    Mabe changing the delay? Or some function that would check if the images are already in cache and would reduce the delay if they are there….?




    Can you comment out the code again and let me see it load?

    Bear in mind the spinning wheel is a background image, if the images take a few seconds to load (even when they’re cached there can be some latency) you’ll see the when because the file size in tiny in comparison to the featured image.

    Spinning wheel image:

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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