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    Hello all,

    I can’t have my images perfectly shown in the website. The images will still automatically cropped when “Background Gallery Image Cropping/resizing” is unchecked. I did search for other related post in the forum but it just didn’t help.

    I have no idea how much pixels would be the best. I just want my images to be shown like they are opened using window image viewer.

    Here is the test website:

    You will see there are some duplicated images that two little girls are playing on a sofa in the homepage. Actually the images are in different pixels, they still look no difference and it’s bigger than the originals (using window image viewer).

    Really APPRECIATE if you can help me of it.


    Hi huzidesign,

    What you might be running into is the auto scaling based on the window size. The image will scale to fit the entire viewing area based on how big the current browser window is.

    A good image size to use is around 1500 × 900 or just an image that is wider than it is tall so that it easily fits standard widescreen monitors as well as square.




    Thank you so much Devin! ;) I am still trying hard to test according to your suggestion!

    Thank you!



    Glad to help :)

    I know the big full size images are a bit hard to work with and then to make sure it looks good on all screen sizes can get a bit complicated. Its just one of those features that we as developers don’t have full control over so it sometimes means getting as close to perfect as possible but never quite getting it exact.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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