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    The Blog layout always have at least one sidebar and small info line (or small picture) is placed in the other side. So the main contents width of the blog become narrowed.

    1. Can I use full width of blog area by arranging the components vertically like this?

    Blog title



    Main Body

    2. Can I use full width in the blog without sidebar?

    Thanks in advance.



    could you link to your site? This way it’s easier for me to give you specific instructions.


    I sent you email on site address and ID/Password.



    Actually what I want to do is same thing with previous post raised by Monsoon.

    That is, in “Big picture image, right(or left) sidebar” in Blog, the order of contents is as follows.

    Big picture


    Meta Data in a line



    Meta data is placed on the right or left side of the main content, which reduces the width of Content so much. If you can add following templates for Blog, which will be very nice.

    1. Big picture image, full width content, right side bar

    2. Big picture image, full width content, left side bar

    3. Big picture image, full width content, without sidebar


    The order:

    Big picture

    Blog Title

    Meta Data

    Main Content


    Is there any update or solution for blog to support wide content area?


    Actually it is discussed here before.

    It is a requested item of many peoples including me. Please let me know how to handle it.



    I tried my best to answer it, I hope I covered everything. Check the topic you linked here.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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