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    I am NOT a coder, so just using the wordpress admins provided.

    Two things:

    1. When I upload images to the portfolio, it creates a smaller, greyscale version of that image as some sort of weird ‘pre hover’ state–it shows a grayscale image over top of my image when the mouse it NOT over that item. I just want clickable gallery images and/or I need to know how to post both images (off/on) somewhere win the admin.

    2. How do i get rid of this text in the footer-: ” Besides are some interesting links for you! Enjoy your stay :)”

    I’d like to have the Pages, Categories and Archives howling but not that useless bit of text. I can not find a way to change that in the admin (and this bit of text does not make sense in English so I can not keep it there)


    website is here–see ‘Stellar LED’ logo in first portfolio position (I am using your sample entires otherwise).


    Hi borderhopper,

    If you are using the Template Builders “Frontpage” template, go to it and expand the Portfolio element. Where it has the option for “Portfolio Image hovers effects”: choose None.

    The footer text is only there until you add your own Widgets into the Footer – column 1. To get the options you want, add widgets into the other columns 2,3,4. You can do this in the Appearance>Widgets area of the wordpress backend.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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