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    When i try to click drop down menu items on the main menu the drop down disappears!



    could you link me to your site? And are you running the latest version? I’ve seen this problem before but I forgot if it was updated yet.


    Actually I think i’m running a version that’s about 8 months old. I’ve downloaded the latest from Themeforest – i’ll give that a try!




    I’ve upgraded the theme to the latest version and I still can’t use the menu – when you try to click an item in the drop down, it just disappears.

    See the problem here:


    I just happened on this too, and found a workaround. It only occurs if you have the “Description” field blank. I don’t want or need descriptions so I had them all blank, and I see the issue you describe. If you add a description, the problem goes away.

    Not an ideal solution as I don’t want descriptions in my nav …


    Zaphod you’re a star, that did the trick, the menu only works if there is a description. Shame the official support didn’t help me though. If any support staff are reading this I want to give you a heads up; the reason I buy Kriesi themes and software is partly because the themes are great but it is mainly because of the support. Nearly a week without an answer to the simple but significant problem is quite a long time and being able to click the menu is kinda important. I hope the Dude comes back soon.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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