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    Hi, i can’t edit my sliders in the layerslider, the page is completely white

    im geting this error

    ReferenceError: lsScreenOptions is not defined
    if(lsScreenOptions[‘showTooltips’] == ‘true’) {

    from admin.js of layerslider.


    Hello pandaweb!

    Please give us a link to the website. Do you have the latest version Enfold 2.3.1? If not, please download it on your themeforest account then update your installation. Go to LayerSliderWP then edit any slides. Click Screen Options, enable “Tooltips”.



    Hi ismael,

    yeah i have the latest version of enfold installed and everything works fine except for that layerslider, tooltip is also enabled..i am not sure what was really going on there, but i manage to solved the problem by uploading config-layerslider and replace the one from my server.

    thanks anyway ismael.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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