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    I can’t edit, select or change a Text Block in Avia Layout Builder anymore during few hours? I have no plugin or quick css active and i just insert a little html code like this :

    <h2 style=”text-align: center;”>My text here</h2>

    In the source code of the Avia Layout Builder, i can see the source code above in developper’s tools but there is a style=”visibility:hidden;” like this :

    <textarea class=”avia_advanced_textarea avia_tinymce wp-editor-area” rows=”20″ cols=”40″ name=”aviaTBcontent” id=”aviaTBcontent” style=”visibility: hidden;”>
    <h2 style=”text-align: center;”>My text here<h2>

    So impossible to change or edit anything i’ve done during 1 or 2 weeks ? Any idea ?


    I can have access now without touch anything ???? So strange ????


    Hi swisskud,

    Sounds like it could have been a previously active plugin, setting in your browser or a still active plugin that just had to have a setting change.

    If the problem re-appears let us know and we can take a look again at that point.




    Oh no ! i have still the same problem, sometimes i can’t edit a Text block??? To see the text, i have to create another page with an advanced work and create a new Text Block… and miracle !!! the text appear and i can edit and change the others text blocks.

    I don’t really know when the bug comes and why but it makes me crazy when it happens. Also i have save my own layout and erase advanced layout from your dummy content (demo). Perhaps i have also a conflict with a slider ?

    I have also install qtranslate plugin and qtranslate meta plugin but none of them haven’t been active. I use chrome with mac os x 10.8.3 and also try on FF and Safari.

    Finally even with this small bug, the theme is brilliant and i hope to find a solution or just don’t use Text Block ?





    The content still exists in your text block though it is not visible, is that correct? You write something and then when you switch to a different area and then return you no longer see it? But if you save and view page you can still see the content?




    sometimes there’s an issue with Avia builder and text-mode (html-mode). Sometimes everythings’s okay in the builder but when you switch to text mode the content disappears – and appears again after switching back to the builder…



    There is a reason for that, and it is hidden on purpose. It is hidden as a safety check to prevent recent WordPress users from messing up the output of the layout builder. If you were shown the output of the layout builder in the format that it is saved along with the contents of the text box, its just too easy to mess something up, and save it in the database. At that point it would pretty much destroy your website’s database, making it non recoverable. So to prevent that, this safety measure was installed. It’s an extra step that needs to be done, but compared to the pain and tears of frustration of accidentally sabotaging your own database, Kriesi thinks this safety measure is worth it (as do the rest of us).

    There is a way to unlock it, so if you feel you understand wordpress enough to handle it without causing mass destruction, then add the code below to the very end of your functions.php file, but remember that with great power comes great responsibility! :) I wouldn’t use it unless you can code.

    //set builder mode to debug
    add_action('avia_builder_mode', "builder_set_debug");
    function builder_set_debug()
    return "debug";




    I’ve added that code to my functions.php but when I switch from the builder to the default editor, it is still blank. Any help?



    Please open up /config-templatebuilder/config.php and go to line 45. The directions are right above that line number explaining as to what needs to be done. Lets hope that this will do the trick.




    That did work. Thanks a lot, Nick! :-) Is there any simple trick like that to enable the use of all shortcodes within a text block? Now only the dropcaps are allowed.



    No, atm not. You can use the other layout editor elements which replace the shortcodes. However I’ll ask Kriesi if we can add some shortcodes to the text element.




    Sounds great. Thanks Dude!


    I’m going to soft close the topic for now so that the original poster can respond if they are still having issues and to prevent any further derailing from the main topic :)



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