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    Hi again,

    I can’t get the caption slider working the way it is presented in the demo. No matter what size I upload the pictures, they all the time are resized to maximum.

    Is there a step by step- or video tutorial for the caption slider, or, if there is not, can you please tell me in detail how to do this.

    The caption slider option is one of the main reasons to switch from Broadscope to Corona!

    Greets Erik



    all images are 930px wide (i.e. like the demo shows theme here:

    Kriesi used 2 images with white areas on the left/right to create the illusion of smaller images, however i.e. the last image is coloured and you can see the fullwidth size. If you’d like to create the same effect like Kriesi you can use Photoshop and add white areas on the left/right side.


    Thanks for your answer, this is a lot harder to do for me, I’m only a simple real estate agent!

    One other question: How to but a button in the slider?


    1) Select the Caption slider

    2) You can set the caption, button, etc. for each slide now – I made a screenshot:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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