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    How do I get the category breadcrumbs ex. “Category: Construction & Remodeling, Featured Local, Local Savings.”

    to display under the product name not in the product short description area

    How do I set a print button to print the entire single product listing. We tried the print / pdf widget and it placed the print button in the description area and would not allow us to move the top of the page


    Hi EZSAVE,

    The categories in the summary are part of the single product template of the plugin. I don’t know of a hook or filter to move it however so I’m not sure if its possible without either modifying the plugin or re-doing the single product template. Either one of those routes isn’t something we can walk you through however.

    Your best bet is a plugin and either finding one that gives you the flexibility you are looking for or customizing its output to where you want it. A plugin that allows for a php snippet to be placed in the theme files for instance would allow you to put the button or output in the header of the theme if that is what you were looking for.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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