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    I posted a query about a category problem I am having with my Abundance Theme. Devon answered that query and suggested that the problem was a WooCommerce problem. I contacted WooCommerce support and their guy said he’s seen this problem before with Kriese and thinks it is on a theme problem, not a WooCommerce problem. Kriesi blames Woo and Woo blames Kriesi and still my problem is not resolved.

    To reiterate, here is my problem. My product categories are not staying in the order I set for them. The correct order for the icons is below. About once a week I have to go in an manually reorder all of my categories as they keep randomly moving out of order.

    Correct Icon Order

    1. Artist Books

    2. Broadsides

    3. New Works

    4. Curated Collections

    5. Artist in Inventory

    6. Photos

    7. Paintings/Mixed

    8. Catalogs

    9. Exhibitions

    These categories were moved to the correct order on March 23rd. Today, March 28th, the categories have suddenly jumped out of order. When I was last working on Saturday, everything was correct. By Monday morning, the 28th they had changed.

    If you go to my product page today you can see what order they have currently shifted to:

    Here is my original Kriesi query: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -set-order?message= (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -error

    If anyone at Kriesi could please take another look at this issue I would be very appreciative. It is very frustrating to have to manually re-order all of my categories on what seems like at least a weekly basis.

    Thank you,




    We are looking at this issue. To be honest with you , it would be easier for you to just code the page in html for now to ensure that the order remains the same. Simply re-create the page by adding images and lining them up in a table to create the page. I spend a long time looking at this and I dont see anything that would change the order on its own.




    Hi Nick,

    Hmmmm. Coding the page in html sounds like it could work but that just defeats the purpose of having database, having a CMS, having a theme, having WordPress, having any of this at all. I had html lists of categories on my old web site all created in html but grew up two years ago with a “real” site with all the bells and widgets. One of the reasons I have your theme and a shopping cart is that the creation of these category sidebars is automated and populated on all of my pages without any extra coding on my part. I’d hate to go back to the stone ages of dropping that automation. There are probably at least 500 pages with this same sidebar. Easier would be to just manually re-order the categories when needed. But, I’d rather not have easy. I’d rather wait until someone can help me. I’d really appreciate it you could keep looking a this issue. I also have the folks at Woo looking into it and I’m crossing my fingers that it might be a simple ah ha moment of code clarity that would make this all do-able and easy once again.

    Thanks for digging into it,




    The problem is that I can’t recreate your error. My categories stay where they are supposed to. Each category has a meta field with a number which is the order it is supposed to show up in (what you set by moving them up and down in the back-end). Mine remains the same and doesn’t randomly change as you describe every x days. All the code that displays the categories is located within the plugin.

    There is an easy way for you to see that for yourself -> (just not on a live site, unless you take it out quick). Open up in the plugin folder /woocommerce/classes/class-wc-shortcodes.php .. and look for the code below which should be around line 303 (i edited the file while testing so it may have moved from original line)

    foreach ( $product_categories as $category ) {

    and whatever line you find the above code on, add the code below right after it

    var_dump( $category );

    This is just a test, and you should remove it immediately or use a development website.

    You can see the array holding all the values for each category being displayed with the meta field in there (that is the position of how it should be ordered) . So somehow just that one field in the array is changed while the remainder stays the same. This will take a bit of time to uncover.

    But we are here and doing our best since its too easy to pass you off to the plugin author without first breaking a few nails digging into the code.




    Hi Nick,

    Wow. Thanks for digging into this even deeper. I can see how frustrating this must be for you.

    I’m starting a new experiment. I just reordered all of the categories that were out of place and started a list of exactly which ones moved. There were a total of 25 of the 134 categories that moved since last time I fixed the order about a week ago. I’ll watch it every few days and keep track of which categories move when. Although I can’t prove so yet, it seems like the same ones keep moving each time. Some are older categories, some newer. Maybe by keeping track of who moves most frequently I can narrow it down to specific categories and perhaps re-create those particular categories. Maybe there is a bug in the category itself? Does that make any sense at all?

    Thank you for your help,




    It makes sense in the sense that I understand what you are describing. What I can’t imagine though is a bug that with skills of a surgeon goes into a multidimensional array object and changes one in a long list of data the array holds and not in all but in a specific subset of categories housed within the object. I can tell you the tests that are likely to trigger something. Add a new category. Change a category’s name. Add Product to category for first time. Remove last product from category. Move product from one category to a newly created category.



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