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    I am trying to list posts from different categories with the “latest posts” widget. When customizing the shortcode;

    “Posts from which categories do you want to show? Enter a comma separated string with category ids here. Leave empty if you want to display posts from all categories. Example: 1,5,12”

    option is available. However i need,

    “posts from intersections of different categories. Example 1+5+12”

    Displaying posts that belong to all of those categories.

    Can you help


    Hi a b,

    Unfortunately that isn’t something we can help change as it would require a pretty significant change to the framework/shortcodes. You would be better off just creating a new category that is only for those intersections so that you can add it in to the shortcode.




    Hello Devin,

    I am not really aware how much effort it would take to enable that but to me it looks like adding another option (AND) to the feature (OR)

    I came across this:

    Taxonomy Intersections and Unions

    category__and – Accepts an array of category IDs. Fetches posts that are in all of the specified categories.

    Creating the intersecting categories is a solution but it will create a lot of categories since all my categories will have to intersect. So that means if I have A number of categories intersecting with B number of other categories. That will result in creating A x B number of categories in total.


    A type of Category: hotel, restaurant, museum …

    B type of Category: USA, Germany, Austria …

    A x B type of Category: Restaurants in Austria …

    Still researching…


    Hi a b,

    It would just be an additional feature that would have to be added by Kriesi which we can’t guarantee will or will not be added in at any given point.

    Additionally, you could probably find a plugin that will give you the ability to do post queries via the admin menu instead of creating custom page types (which is your other main option with this).

    I’ll send the feature request to Kriesi in the mean time :)



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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