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    when I view a category page it is showing the entire posts – is there an Enfold setting to control the layout of the category pages?

    In your demo you have: http://www.kriesi.at/themes/enfold/category/science/
    Which is a very nice layout – how do I replicate this?



    Hi membermaster!

    Thank you for visiting the support forum!

    Right now, there is no option to change the layout of the archive page. The layout will depend on the setting that you selected on Enfold > Blog Layout > Blog Style. Add this on functions.php in order to set the archive page to Single author, big preview blog style:

    add_filter('avf_blog_style','avia_change_archive_blog_layout', 10, 2); 
    function avia_change_archive_blog_layout($layout, $context){
    if($context == 'archive') $layout = 'single-big';
    return $layout;
    add_filter( 'post-format-standard', 'avia_category_content_filter', 15, 1);
    function avia_category_content_filter($current_post)
    	$current_post['content'] =  get_the_excerpt();
    	$current_post['content'] .= '<div class="read-more-link"><a href="'.get_permalink().'" class="more-link">'.__('Read more','avia_framework').'<span class="more-link-arrow">  &rarr;</span></a></div>';
    return $current_post;


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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