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    I can’t seem to get the featured images on the main page or on the single post view to be centered. When I look at the code on the page in firefox, using firebug, I am able to just set the left/right margins to auto – which works. I tried to switch the margins of featured_container1 in the stylesheet and that hasn’t worked. Does anyone know how to get the featured image to be centered?


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    the featured image on the main page is displayed within the slider. The slider itself always has the same dimensions and is centered. You can’t center individual slides tough.

    If you want to resize and center the slider completely (i.e. because all your slides have a width of 600px only and not 850px) you can do that by changing following code in style.css:

    #top div .slideshowBig{
    margin:30px 40px 0 40px;


    #top div .slideshowBig{
    margin:30px auto;

    However this will effect all fullwidth sliders on all pages….

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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