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    This is very odd. On my other computer for instance, the tag clouds look like they have a white backgorund with gray border instead of gray background:

    There are a few instances like this. Another is the contact us email form. I see the border but not the background. It appears white. What gives?



    I can’t reproduce the problem. Maybe it’s just a screen issue (low contrast)?

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    It’s something with the browser I think. Because also on Safari my custom fonts show up fine on every page but in firefox on the CONTACT US page the address table box does NOT display my custom font. It’s really irritating.



    I’m not sure what you mean, can you elaborate and/or provide a screenshot?

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    See my tags in the side bar on the main page? those should be little gray boxes, but on my other computer they only have gray text and border and a white background instead.

    Here’s another example. So at the bottom on the footer see the dupont registry photo? on my computer at home I didn’t make it transparent, I just made the background color the same as the footer (see the color behind the ELITE DETAILER and on the RIGHT of the image), but on my other computer I work on it seems the shades are different and thus it doesn’t blend in:



    I see what you mean as far as the colors. I know I work off of one computer with two monitors. I keep both monitors at factory settings and one monitor always shows colors darker than the other. I think you may be experiencing the same.

    What I suggest is using a tool such as ColorPix and comparing the footer’s background color in your browser is the same. I noted in the screenshot the background color in the dupont registry button was #212121 and the footer background was #2d2d2d.

    As far as the custom fonts, I would need a link to the website in order to check the CSS.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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