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    With a color section, the texts in post bolg, icon box left … are unreadable.

    How to have a background color for the element as with top box icon.



    Hi bicounet,

    The color section can inherit any of the style groups you have created or modified in the Styling tab of the theme options. So you’ll need to pick one that has a contrasting color scheme for the links and text.




    Within Color Sections, how can we alter the background of text boxes or icon boxes, or any content or media element to define its opacity/transparency?

    Looking for a parallax effect background image, with text or content that has a slightly opaque/transparent background to offset the text.

    Changing the main or alternative background’s alternate just blocks out the background image.

    In reference to parallax – how do we make it a smooth scrolling effect? Similar to your Home v7: One Page Portfolio, or better yet, like that of ThemeForest’s Jarvis.

    Thank you,


    Hi TFT,

    To alter a single element you would need to do it manually via css. So first you would need to add the following to your functions.php:


    Once you have done this you will have the option to add a custom class name on any avia widget element in your advanced layout editor. What this means is you can add a custom class name into that field for whatever element it is and customize its css declarations with your own values.

    For example, you give an icon box the class name of tft-black-background-iconbox. Next you add the following to your Quick CSS in the styling tab to give the icon box a black background:

    tft-black-background-iconbox {
    background: #000;

    Anytime you add the same class name to an iconbox you get the same effect.




    Thanks Devin

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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