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    Hi, cause IE not support slideshow navigation, I have to change nav buttons (fontello based) to png files. What I did: #top .ls-nav-stop::before{ content: url(http://mysite/wp-content/themes/enfold/images/layout/nav.png); New navigation is visible in Opera but no effect in Firefox and IE. Maybe you have any more efficient way to replace nav buttons? Regards


    Hi krzysztof_grudnik,

    Without seeing the site live and inspecting what you’ve got now I’m not sure what the issue could be.

    That looks correct and is what I would do but can’t say definitively without inspecting things and testing in IE.

    Also keep in mind support levels for IE:




    Hi, thanks for answer. Look at it, the button stop is changed to png #top .ls-nav-stop::before{

    content: url(http://pakietyedukacyjne/wp-content/themes/enfold/images/layout/dalej.png);} Opera see something but “blink” (something like bad hover or transition effect, when I put content url to hover – it duplicate image) IE and Firefox show empty area, Chrome – broken image icon. When You look at Enfold theme in IE You should see black squares instead of stop-start icons, side navi is not visible at all. Maybe is another way to set this navigation under IE, for example: the visibility of side buttons will be good solution for me. Regards. Krzysztof G.



    I just looked in ie10 and i see the two next/previous buttons in the middle of the slider.

    If you are talking about the radio buttons , two of them on the bottom middle of the slider, for me they dont work on Chrome or IE. I think you are missing an image file causing a jquery error , this is the file that’s missing

    http://pakietyedukacyjne/wp-content/themes/enfold/images/layout/dalej.png … Fontello fonts work with IE10 and I think all the way down to IE8 .

    Do you mean on the demo site , all the icon glyphs are not visibile to you -> … What version of IE do you use?




    Hi, I put quickly next-button to stop place, but it is only placeholder image.

    1. Yes, that is any “missing file error” but is it not enough to put url into before{ content:…? You think that problem is in bad url localization or maybe it require more customisation than css style?

    2. I use IE8 to test and it gives this result:

    3. When you use for example IE10 You see the side arrows in slideshow (prev-next)?

    Regards. Cristof


    You should probably check your URL:


    Won’t work at all… ;)

    Checked: if I insert into your style, everything is fine!


    Hi, thank You for good advice, I changed url and it works in FF, Chrome, Opera, IE8. In IE8 I had to change ::before to :before. Thanks Devin for pseudoelement suggestion, and Nick and formateins for url intuition and solution. Good work ;). Regards.


    Thanks formateins for catching that! Glad that you got back on track krzysztof_gr. Enjoy the theme.



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