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    If you go to and scroll down to the bottom of the homepage you will see I am using the shortcode:

    [three_fourth first] and am trying to change the icon for the tabs. Here’s one of the current codes [sidebar_tab icon=’Paint_Brush.png’ title=”Lodging”] . I created a paw-print.png to replace it. I uploaded it to media and changed ‘Paint_Bruhs.png’ to ‘paw-print.png’ and it left a red circle with an x in it. I also tried the complete url in WP and it did the same thing.

    Can you help me with this?


    Hi there,

    You need to upload the icon directly into your themeroot/wp-content/themes/choices/images/icons (through to your ftp) (I think…but it seems your paint brush icon is working properly)

    If this happends again, delete your cache en reload the page again.

    A tip is to keep your file name’s consistent.




    Hi meezie,

    Kiwy is correct in that you need to put the icon into your icons folder and then you’ll be able to use that file name in the shortcode.





    Here is the link to where I uploaded the icon:

    Here is the code for the welcome page:

    [three_fourth first]

    [sidebar_tab_container initial_open=”1″ boxed=’false’ ]

    [sidebar_tab icon=’Paint_Brush.png’ title=”Lodging”]


    Your canine companions are lodged in individual apartments with a climate controlled environment.

    Your feline friends get to enjoy separate accomodations in their private, oversized apartment with resting benches.

    Did I mention music is piped in 24 hours a day for our guests relaxation. For the complete Boarding Experience…

    [button link=”″ size=”small” style=”info” color=”AB1322″ border=”FFFFFF” text=”dark”]Learn More Here![/button] [three_fourth first]


    [sidebar_tab icon=’Graph.png’ title=”Spa & Grooming”]

    Spa & Grooming

    Just what do your companions experience in a day away from home at The Dog House Kennel and Grooming, Inc.?

    Want to know what an average day for pets that come to spend a day having a makeover?

    After being greeted and checked in they will be cared for by one of our Certified Dematech Petcare Specialists.

    [button link= size=”small” style=”info” color=”AB1322″ border=”FFFFFF” text=”dark”]Learn More Here![/button] [three_fourth first]


    [sidebar_tab icon=’Blocks_Images.png’ title=”ISCC Certified”]

    The International Society of Canine Cosmetologist

    is a for-profit service oriented organization designed for the continuing education and advancement of professional pet stylists. Dedicated to providing essential communication, networking, continuing education and certification services, ISCC provides a balanced and varied program of activities at the local, regional and national level to keep you on top of the latest trends, innovations and issues facing our industry.

    [button link= size=”small” style=”info” color=”AB1322″ border=”FFFFFF” text=”dark”]Learn More Here![/button] [three_fourth first]


    [sidebar_tab icon=’Help.png’ title=”Testimonies”]






    [big_box left=”%” bellow=”Exceeding Your Pets Dreams!”]120[/big_box]


    Where exactly do I paste:

    Thanks for your help.


    In the shortcode you would put paw-print.png instead of the png that is already in it. I don’t know where in that whole page you want the paw print icon to be so I can’t say exactly.




    Here is where I replaced paw-print.png:

    [three_fourth first]

    [sidebar_tab_container initial_open=”1″ boxed=’false’ ]

    [sidebar_tab icon=’paw-print.png’ title=”Lodging”]

    Go to and see what it is doing.


    I see the issue, the actual folder where the icons are is icons/iconbox not just icons. So you need to put the image into the same folder where the others are:

    Then the paw-print.png will automatically be picked up as soon as the image file is in the iconbox folder on your server.



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