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    Hi Kriesi

    I am currently using the Corona theme but would like to potentially upgrade to Enfold

    How smooth would the transition to the new theme be? – Would my menus, widgets and plugins remain basically intact?

    I realise there would be some changes to do re. image, colours and design but would the basic structure of the site remain intact?

    This is the site –



    Hi Coronacom!

    Enfold uses a completely new page/layout builder which is based on shortcodes whereas Corona uses a “Dynamic Template” builder which is not based on shortcodes at all. Also all Enfold shortcodes are not compatible with the “Corona” shortcodes and vice versa. You also can’t use the Corona slideshows with Enfold because Enfold now uses shortcodes to embed the slideshows into the content and Corona saved the slideshow data as post meta data which was connected to each post/page. Tbh it depends on your website – if you extensively used the Corona shortcodes, slideshow and/or dynamic templates you must rebuild many pages/posts. Otherwise you can switch to Enfold without problems. The menus and plugins remain intact and I’m pretty sure most widget areas will also remain intact.



    Thanks Peter that’s really helpful

    There aren’t too many corona shortcodes on the site and I can probably remove the few that are there before the switch.

    With the dynamic templates – am I correct in saying that I will lose the pages, but the portfolio items themselves will remain intact on the dashboard?

    I have a lot of portfolio elements and blog posts – would I need to rebuild them when I have changed the theme or would I just lose the portfolio functionality on the pages?




    No, Enfold supports blog and portfolio entries and you won’t loose them. However you must use the new template builder to display the portfolio posts in a grid (or grids – you can create an unlimited number of portfolio pages) – the “portfolio settings” page of Corona is not supported anymore.

    Best regards,

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