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    Hi there,

    I am using product variations (e.g. Silver or Gold) and would like the corresponding photo to change when a user selects the variation they wish to purchase. Is this possible? How?

    Thanks so much for your support! Great theme!!!



    Link to sample product page with options and gallery –


    jaimemerz, I think this already works and is an included feature in the current WooCommerce release. Actually I have just been experimenting with it and it works, just some weird scaling problem that distort the images.

    You can set an overall image for the product and as “featured image”, AND you can set at least one image for every product variation.

    In the list of product variations click the little plus sign in the image placeholder, upload an image and “insert into article”. Repeat for every variation that should have a distinct image. On the product page the image will automatically change when you select a variation.

    good luck!


    Hi, I’m having the same issue with the Abundance theme that I just recently purchased. Whenever I try to add an image for the specific product variation, it doesn’t seem to be work. I click on the image icon, a window pops up where I can upload or select an image. Then, I click on “Insert into Post” button, but the pop up windows just turns white and nothing happens… I’ve tried the Use as Featured Image link but that just overrides the default image instead… Please help!


    Ok, nevermind! Finally figured out what was wrong, you need to include the Link URL when adding the image for the product variation… It was originally set to none and I just chose File URL and now it works fine! Thanks for the great theme!

    EDIT: Spoke too soon, there seems to be an issue with the Zoom image now. When I choose a different variation, the correct image is displayed but when I mouse over the image, it’s still showing the default zoomed image, is there a fix for this? Thanks!


    Hi Gene158,

    Make sure your theme is updated to the most recent version and that you don’t have any plugins turned on that might be conflicting with Abundance or WooCommerce.

    If you have a link to a live page I can take a look at that will help to diagnose the issue as well.


    I’m pretty sure I have the newest version installed (v1.2.1), the only plugin I have is woocommerce. This is a clean install that I’m testing on my server, just got it up and running yesterday. Can I send you a link to your e-mail, don’t want to post my test server to the public? Thanks!


    Sure thing. Send to DevinVinson(at)


    You’ve got mail. If you take a look at the product, when selecting a different color, it will change to the correct image but when you mouse over it, it will show the zoomed in image of the last selected item from the image gallery.


    Hmmm I just tried it in Chrome, Firefox and IE and didn’t have any issues seeing the correct hover image. Can you try force refreshing your browser to make sure its pulling the correct images.


    I should have been more specific, it works fine when you choose from the thumbnail pictures below the large image. The problem is when choosing a different color from the drop-down menu. I just tried it again on Chrome and IE, still having the same issue. I’ll try it again on a different machine when I get home. Thanks for looking into this!


    Hi Devin, has there been any updates on this? Were you able to see the problem I’m describing?


    hello? can anyone else comment on the issue I am having?


    Hi Gene158,

    I did log in and took a look but unfortunately am not seeing the same issue you are describing. Do you think you could use and do a very short screen capture showing whats going on so that I can see it from your point of view?

    There have also been some updates with WooCommerce which might also fix the issue you are having. I have not checked with version 1.5 for full compatibility with themes yet but we should know of any issues with it in the next day or so.


    I have the same issue and I made a screencast that shows this issue. It is in german and I won´t post it publicly due to bandwidth issues ;)

    Can you send me your email so that I can forward the link to someone?


    Hi Devin, I’ve sent the screencast to your e-mail, haven’t tried updating to 1.5 yet, do you want me to upgrade and test again with 1.5 instead?


    I also still need your email Devin,

    I also upgraded to 1.5 so this doesn´t fix the issue. the zoom effect is also a feature of the abundance theme. The extra zoom feature powered by woocommerce is an additional plugin. But maybe this one will work out? I might fork out the 30 bucks if that would help with this issues.

    The demo showes that it is possible with this extension:


    Hi JackVa,

    You can send me the link at DevinVinson(at)



    I have the same kind of issue: latest version of woocommerce, able to upload variation pictures, but no way it will be displayed when choosing on live.

    Devin, would you mind me to send you a mail please?

    Many thanks,



    Sorry, I don’t know what changed but it now works, thanks to “universe magic”??

    have a nice day!!



    Great. I’ll close the thread now.



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