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    How to change Related Product text please? I want to have ‘You may also like these’




    Hi Vincent

    I guess you have to edit the .po file in woocommerce and change the string


    Hi StickFinger, That’s not working for me, thanks anyway.


    Hi Vincent

    try to open up your wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/templates/single-product/related.php file.

    Around line 12 you´ll find this:

    <div class=”related products”><h2><?php _e(‘Related Products’, ‘woocommerce’); ?></h2>

    Change the ‘Related Products’ to whatever you want but remember that is hardcoded change, be aware of that on a next update.

    The funny thing is that i´m using woocommerce in other language than english and i can do this change via the .po file

    Tell me if you succeed :-)



    Thanks again for your help. That worked perfectly.

    BTW what did you mean by .po file. I went into related.php as you suggested and works quite well. Thanks again




    The “.po” and “.mo” are files that handle translations in WP and plugins, some useful links:

    Take a look at your woocommerce/languages folder to see how many languages are distributed with the version. However there is not an English file because the default is english.

    So for instance, let´s say that you want to change all the strings of woocommerce keeping up the english as your default language, you´d have to generate a POT ( catalog file) and the corresponding .po and .mo files. Otherwise you´ll need to change the files in the core php files what not alaways is a good practice because in case of further updates you´ll loose your work…



    Thanks for your help Wilson


    No problem, Vincent

    I´m glad to be helpful :-)

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