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    prettyPhoto basically doesn’t work on iphone. holding the phone vertically, it loads the overlay with the image at 50% screen width. things are squished. holding the phone horizontally, and it doesn’t work at all. See screenshots.


    Also, if I take off the default in functions.php that loads pretty photo js and removed the pretty photo css from header.php, then install “add lightbox” and “jquery colorbox” plugins, it works everywhere, EXCEPT portfolio items. those don’t add the code to the image links so lightbox wont work there.


    Another thing I found. the reason that portfolio items only don’t load the lightbox when you click the image is because the class name “cBoxelement” (for colorbox) isn’t added to the A HREF for the image tag. It’s added for sliders in blog posts, galleries in blog posts.. everywhere except the portfolio items.

    what do i edit to manually add the class name to the A HREF TAG?


    its line 508 of “function-set-avia-frontend.php”

    it adds the class name

    but then the link fails to work. like there is conflict.

    how can I set it up so the portfolio slideshow loads the same slideshow as say, a blog post slideshow??


    Maybe you forgot to delete or adjust the code in js/avia.js? The code calls prettyphoto as default lightbox. Search for following line:

    elements.prettyPhoto({ social_tools:'',slideshow: 5000, deeplinking: false, overlay_gallery:false, default_width: ww, default_height: wh });

    and change the code to your requirements.


    ive tried deleting that code, changing it with colorbox settings, de-activated all plugins to avoid conflicts.. nothing. The lightbox simply doesn’t activate, just goes to the full image URL. why does the portfolio only section not work like sliders/gallery on all other sections? what’s the difference?


    Could you simulate, on a local install, what I am trying to do?

    1. activate jQuery Colorbox plugin (and Add Lightbox if needed)

    2. remove the prettyPhoto JS and CSS

    You’ll see that colorbox then works for everything except portfolio items (the slider and any galleries inserted into the body content). Ive tried everything for two days now.


    (this could be helpful for your next vesion, since pretty photo isn’t workable on the iphone and this theme is billed as responsive). Colorbox works great on the iphone. Thoughts?


    I’ve only just started to test this theme, but I find swiping the image works pretty good on the iphone. That said, there should be a prompt or note to tell users they have to do that.


    I can’t simulate this offline (it takes me too much time) but can you post a link please – maybe I can find a js error. Based on the docs you can simply bind it to any element with following code:



    Bokehman, good idea! Dude, here is a link

    thanks so much for taking a look!


    Dude, and yeah I tried binding and when I would do that, it would de-activate the click through on the image. the rollover effect would work, but the link to open the lightbox wouldn’t. (i had to hack up some code too to get the A HREF link to properly attach the right REL and Class names to the link too.



    Try to replace:







    Got it to work sorta! Installed the “Add LightBox & Title” plugin and “Lightbox Plus” plugin. Made the adjustments as recommended and after some fiddling, it works in the portfolio and other places. BUT now on the home blog page (not on individual pages), if there are multiple sliders or featured image, the colorbox works but gets wrapped up with another plugin.. could be just another plugin causing issues, but almost there. Ill post my fixes when I get it fully working.


    I used the “add lightbox and title” and “lightbox plus” plugin (which uses Colorbox). I changed the line of code above to:



    $(‘.ajax-portfolio-response li.featured a’).colorbox({rel:’lightbox’});

    SOLID! Now everything works great!



    Just for your info guys: The issues with prettyphoto lightbox will be fixed as soon as prettyPhoto 4.0 is released. The author of the lightbox told me he is working on that version and it will be optimized for mobile devices ;)

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