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    I would like to change the url of the portfolio items. Instead of http://www.example.com/portfolio-item-name , I want to see http://www.example.com/another-name/portfolio-item-name. Where can I change it?

    I want to change it for 2 reasons: one, it is not a nice URL (at least in Spanish). Second, for SEO reasons it is not the best option.

    Can anyone help me? Thank you in advance



    You change the permalink on Settings > Permalink.




    OK. I found the answer. To change the portfolio items “slug”, you have to go to the Propulsion Theme Options and click in portolio and then “Enter a page slug that should be used for your portfolio single items”


    Glad you found the answer. Let us know if you have more questions.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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