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    Can admin provide the quick css to change the font color for the blog/post?

    At the same time, can admin also help provide the quick css for font color on the sub links under submenu on the top right, specifically under my account?



    You can use this:

    body, body p {
    color: black;

    For the submenu, use this:

    #top .sub_menu li li a {
    color: red;





    Please disregard the questions above.

    Can admins just answer the following questions i have listed below.

    Sorry for the confusion its just that i was able to figure out some stuff on my own.

    1. How do i change the font color for submenu into white, and then change the drop down list for my account in submenu to black?

    2. How do i change the the font shop under menu bar to red, but the rest to remain in white color?

    3. How do i change the box color for “Apply Coupon”, “View Cart”, Checkout?

    Thank you



    Since you said to disregard, I removed the two questions you had above this response as you consolidated them.

    I will use the Theme demo to answer you since you didn’t provide a url to your site. http://www.kriesi.at/themes/abundance/


    submenu font color red:

    #top .main_menu .avia_mega > li > ul a {

    submenu hover font color blue

    #top .main_menu .avia_mega > li > ul a:hover {

    2. If you mean to change the color of only the menu item Shop.. We will need to see the actual page since this would involve using the menu item number in the css that is specific to your website. Here is how the css would look for the demo site to change only the word Shop in the menu to red. However , you will need to replace 989 for whatever number it is on your website menu

    #menu-item-989 .dropdown_link {
    color: red;

    3. To change color of the second menu to red

    #top .sub_menu a {
    color: red;

    To change the word ‘Cart’ to red

    .cart_dropdown_first .cart_dropdown_link {
    color: red;




    Hi Nick,

    Thank you for your help. Really appreciate it.

    In regards to your answer #2, could you advice what number its correct for the shop listed on the following url?


    I would like to set it where the “SHOP” on the main menu can be displayed in red while the remaining categories in black.



    Shop is menu-item-126 on that url. You can right click on empty space on the web page, and view source. then hit <CNTR> + F to open the find window and type SHOP, and the one that has menu classes around it will be the one you are looking for.

    And here is the code with red.. Just drop it into Quick CSS located in Abundance > Theme Options > Layout Styling… its the textarea at the bottom of that page… OR you can place it at the ver end of the /css/custom.css file. EIther will do the trick.

    #menu-item-126 .dropdown_link {
    color: #DB1515;

    I used a different red a bit closer (though not exactly) the color of your logo. You can just substitute the word …. red …. instead of #db1515 color code.




    Thank you so much Nick. Everything is perfect and really appreciate your assistance.

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