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    I copy the code as you said it in this thread and thought i’d be able to make disappear the informations that you can see in the red circle.red circle but no way :-(

    This is the code i put in portfolio entry on caption text of the image

    <div class=”hr”></div>

      <li class=”exif-camera”><span>Technique:</span> Oil
      <li class=”exif-created_timestamp”><span>Created:</span> April 2012
      <li class=”exif-shutter_speed”><span>by:</span>Adé Bernard<li class=”exif-aperture”><span>On sale:</span> Yes

    <div class=”hr”></div>

    and here the page

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    ok, i was able to erase some informations from the property of the image but not all of it as you can see…

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    I finally found the solution :

    very easy to use and efficient !
    i don’t know where to close this thread (?)

    I hope it will help guys looking at this issue!




    Glad you figured it out. Case closed. :)


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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