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    i have been trying to change the height of the text area on sliders.

    as you can see from the picture below, text area of the slider on my site is bigger than it is on the live demo. you can see the difference from the red line i draw over the sliders. please see the picture below.


    how can i change the height of text area on sliders?



    Kindly post a link to your site so we can give you a specific css snippet for your site.




    my site is http://thebrandage.com/

    i would appreciate it.



    I noticed that the caption in your slider(when hovered) is too big, about 26px(font-size). Can you make it a bit smaller. Try to change it about 20px. This is the caption I mentioned “Belirsizliğin yaşandığı dönemlerde markalamanın önemi neden artar?”.

    Best Regards,



    hey, problem solved :)

    thank you!


    Hi mevlana,

    No problem. Glad to hear that. :)



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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