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    I have the Flashlight theme, and some of my pages and blog posts are too narrow. I’d like to increase the width of the post. I’ve tried looking at other people’s support questions, but I couldn’t find any for Flashlight with this problem.

    Right now the width on many pages looks like this:

    and I’d like them to look more like this:

    I have no idea why one page is wider than another….

    I’m not code savy, so is there an easy way to increase the width of specific pages?




    I just thought of another problem I’ve been having too:

    If you look at this page:

    I am repeatedly having problems with text not wrapping around my photos in the text portion. No matter which alignment I choose the photo splits apart the text, and I really don’t like it.

    Any advice…and remember…I’m not super code savvy : )



    1) The first link links to a post, the second link to a page. Posts & pages use a different template. If you want to use the same layout for posts & pages open up wp-contentthemesflashlightpage.php and replace:

    <div class='container <?php echo $avia_config['layout']." ".$protectedPost; ?>'>


    <div class='container three_columns <?php echo $avia_config['layout']." ".$protectedPost; ?>'>

    2) Try to insert following code into the quick css field to fix the issue:

    .entry-content a[rel*="lightbox"]{
    display: block !important;

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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