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    I have downloaded 3 themes from kreisi




    and uploade them all to http://www.carriercarrier.se/wordpress

    I only use propulsion on this site and would like to use

    corona or abundance on a other site, but when I try to upload them on this nwe site I get “error” all the time.

    I have tried to via WP and via ftp.

    Is the theme “locked” to the first site?

    kind regards

    john carrier


    Hi John,

    What is your error message exactly?




    Hi Mya

    problem 1 –

    when I try to upload Abundance from my computer – i get this message..

    in Swedish it says

    “Paketet kunde inte installeras. Temat saknar formatmallen style.css”.

    my translation: the package could not be installed, the theme is missing the format??? styles css

    problem 2:

    When I down load the Abundance theme once again from themeforest and the upload the zip-file to my new WP site (3.4), it will not upload

    and the conection gets cut of after 3-4 minutes.

    / John



    Maybe you should install a fresh WordPress then activate the theme again.





    I installed a brand new WordPress (3.4) yesterday 19/6 for my new site http://www.terapeutiskgravidmassage.se so it can not be that that is the problem.

    I have also been able to upload a free theme from an other company on that site, so I know that the WP works.

    Im I right to assume that it should be possiable to upload the same copy of a theme more than 1 time, so that I could use the abundance theme that I bought from themeforest more than 6 months ago on my new site that I started 19/6?

    can you please advise me what to do next!




    Please try to install the theme manually to make sure that all files are in the correct folder. Unpack the themeforest zip file, then unpack abundance.zip. Use tools like filezilla to transfer the abundance folder via ftp to your server. Navigate to wp-content/themes, delete all “old” theme files and then upload the abundance folder from your harddrive to the server. Upload the folder into wp-content/themes.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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