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    Hello, I wanted to change the Twitter icon to link to my Twitter account at http://twitter.com/msortijas.

    I tried this on my own first. I went to Appearance > Editor. I wasn’t sure which template to change.

    In “Header.php” I saw this piece of code:

    <?php if(isset($k_option) && $k_option != ”)

    echo “<li class=’twitter’>Twitter“;


    I added “msortijas” to the end of “http://twitter.com/.” It ended up trying to go to http://twitter.com/kriesimsortijas,” which didn’t work.

    Help, please?



    You should be able to set your Twitter username in the Theme Options page. Please undo your modifications.

    “Kriesi” is the default username in the Theme Options so would explain why it’s appearing as well.




    Thanks! Ah, now I see the box for changing the Twitter name. Must have missed it the first time around.

    You’ve been really helpful.

    In case anyone else is looking for the Twitter name box. From the WP Dashboard, scroll down to:

    Newscast Options > Mainpage Options

    Scroll down to Header Options > Twitter Account. Change “Kriesi” to your Twitter name. Click “Save Changes.”



    Glad that you found the solution :)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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