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    Hi, I hope the question is ok here, I am using Angular Theme but I have a general question : I want to change my URL to an other name. I see there are problems with the names of the links from outsite (Google etc.). I am afraid when changing the URL all links will get permanent lost and people will get the 404 Error. After moving my site from joomla to wordpress I used the Redirection Tool which did what it says. But I am a bit afraid, that the performance of the site will go down when I do the same for the nwe URL. Is there any smarter way to keep the old URL Links working and enable me to display the new site URL as well? Thanks for help !


    Hi ReiniF,

    Try to change your permalink settings. Change it to custom structure and use this structure:

    /% category% /% postname%/




    Hi Ismael, thanks, I use exactly this structure. I am not sure but when I change from http://www.oldURL/postname to http://www.newULR/postname I am afraid visitors linked from search engines wan`t find the requested site because of the different URL name. Am I wrong with this?

    Regards, ReiniF


    Hi ReiniF,

    You can probably set up some new rules in your htaccess file to redirect visitors from the old URL to the new one but it depends a lot on how the whole thing is done.

    I would advise talking to your hosting provider to get some guidance on how best to make sure old links are redirected to your new site in the best way. I don’t want to give out any specific advise or code as it could cause major issues if it isn’t exactly tailored to your setup.





    Try this plugin, it’s working for me..


    hope it helps..



    Hi A,

    Thanks for the info. :)



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