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    Please see to see the checkout page is styled incorrectly. I recently made a custom css change that was recommended in your forum by an admin to resolve the right sidebar issue since the upgrade. That css, added to the extra css box on the abundance theme options tab, fixed the sidebar, but this is still an issue. Can you please help?

    Thank you

    I found some code that helped in the forums, however the dropdown box for the countries is still styled wrong and the email field if not aligned with the rest of the fields, thanks in advance for the help… the code i used to help the original issue of overlapping form fields in case anyone needs it is

    .form-row {

    clear: right;


    .avia_select_fake_val {

    display: none;




    Please remove the snippet above because they will affect the variation options. You can use this instead.

    #billing_country_field .avia_select_fake_val, #billing_state_field .avia_select_fake_val {
    display: none!important;




    Ok this worked somewhat, as you can see here the fields are now aligned correctly, however the country dropdown box is still showing an odd overlapping box directly underneath it.

    Also my problem is pack for the sidebar on the shopping pages, see the sidebar is not to the right where it should be, if I add the clear code that solved the problem before, it breaks the checkout styling. Any help would be appreciated

    Thank you



    new update fixed this


    Hi Jason,

    I’m glad the update has fixed the issue for you :)



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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