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    I’m working with a child theme to avoid changes to be overwritten when the theme is updated.

    It works fine, but now I want to use the “Class-framework-widgets.php” via my child-theme.

    On the parent Theme: this file is located in the “…/wp-content/themes/broadscope/framework/php/” directory.

    => if i do the change directly in that file as a test, it works fine.

    On my child Theme i created excactely the same directory: “…/wp-content/themes/broadscope-child/framework/php/”

    But this doesn’t have any results!

    Any idea why this fails?

    Thanks in advance!




    I experienced this problem too.Only functions.php will work with child themes but framework files, etc. won’t work. I’ll report it to Kriesi.


    Oké Dude,

    thank you for the reply already!

    If you’ve got news about it, please post it… (I add this topic to my favourits, so i will be noticed)





    Unfortunately I must admit that I am not so experienced with child themes either. I guess the smartest way would be to copy the widget you want to modify, paste it into the functions.php file and change the class and widget name. then just make sure that you register the widget (as already seen in functions.php)

    You should now be able to use the widget in addition to the default widget. you can also de register the registration of the old widget if you dont want to display it any longer…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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