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    Any update about this issue? It happens since two weeks ago and there is not a solution. Any idea?

    http://www.kriesi.at/support/topic/ (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) -and-ipad


    I had the same exact question…they closed the topic and promised to provide a fix…but there is no indication of WHEN the fix will come, or HOW we will be notified except for checking back occasionally as you and I have done. This is not very cool. I REALLY love Kriesi’s work, but this is not the best customer service. I’ve already purchased the theme, so as a customer, I deserve that it works, and if it isn’t, I deserve some accountability from the Kriesi team. They should at least tell us WHEN it will be fixed and HOW we will be informed.

    If I don’t get some response on those two questions, what are my options? Get a refund and buy a better theme?


    Hi All,

    Unfortunately I do not have an update on if or when a fix will be deployed. As far as I know Kriesi is the only one that actually has any apple device for testing so even checking into the issue is difficult and is also the only one able to update theme files.

    Updates/releases are always announced on Kriesi’s twitter here and is his suggested avenue for keeping track of them; https://twitter.com/kriesi




    Afaik Kriesi releases a new theme this week and afterwards he’ll start to release updates for all existing themes. If you want a refund you need to contact the envato support staff: http://support.envato.com/ because envato is your contract partner. I can’t test the website with an iphone/ipad but I tested eg http://www.alimmenta.com/videos-alimmenta/ with my lg700p (android 4 ICS phone) and Firefox Mobile (+ the standard Android Chrome browser) and the youtube videos played flawlessly.


    I have the same issue as I use Apple products… I think the videos are being played using Flash (correct me if I am wrong). If that is the case, Apple mobile devices will not be able to play the videos. In the mean time, you might just want to embed the video on an internal page (a non-flash version) and link to that page from the slider. Not ideal, but a work-around until Kriesi has a chance to review.


    That is a good interim solution oncorsolutions and thank you for the additional update Dude.

    Hopefully Kriesi will have the next set of updates out swiftly once the new theme is released :)




    Hi oncorsolutions and Devin…

    Linking to a new page didn’t work on my mobile device either!

    So, my interim solution is to “add video or iFrame” into the slider instead of using a “featured image” with a video link on it…THAT plays the video just fine on my mobile device, so for now, I’m okay. However, there is still one problem…on the iPhone, even though the video plays, the SLIDING no longer works. It seems that the slider in general has a problem with Apple mobile devices, both for linking to videos, and sliding.

    Here’s my website, where you’ll see that simply placing a video iFrame in the slider seems to work for showing video on the iPhone…but now the sliding is disabled on the iPhone. IT works fine for both sliding and video on desktops:


    I hope that these comments help to give Kriesi the full picture. My feeling is that, while there may be a flash component to this problem, the real issue also involves linking to any other page from the slider image.


    I’m getting a bit more of a clear picture now. When loaded in through the add video button, the object is, I believe, able to detect the device used and change its own output accordingly. This is done by the video host and not the theme, ie youtube or vimeo.

    When its loaded in as a slide it may not be able to properly.

    Either way its additional information that should assist Kriesi in testing and fixing with ios products.





    I just purchased an iPad3 finally with iOS 5 i guess(not sure which version but its asking to upgrade to 6, and I never used iOS before). I went to the Choices theme demo on kriesi.at:

    1) Top slider – right and left buttons work, slides show up, and buttons within slide itself work as well.

    2) Portfolio – I selected the 4 column portfolio with ajax. Images did not show up initially only the label below images, the sortable functionality worked. I clicked on the portfolio item label, and the ajax worked – opened up portfolio item on top of the page, but the image initially also didn’t load only showing the spinning ‘loading’ icon for 20 seconds. I stopped it. Clicked on next slide. And all of a sudden it loaded.

    From that moment, all images on the website loaded fine so far. When I returned to the portfolio, all the portfolio item images loaded. They are clickable, but the sensitivity level is low so a single tap just makes the image of the portfolio item ‘vibrate’ i guess would be the word as it tries to fire the ‘hover’ effect, double tapping produces same result, but when I press my finger on the portfolio item image for a split second longer than a ‘tap’, the portfolio item opens up correctly.

    I installed firebug on the ipad ready to see some errors … but there are no errors in both firebug and Safari debug tools. The first tag looks like <html class=”msie msie8 , even though i am on safari. Can any of you give some feedback please specific to the iPad as to how your experience differs from what I described? Because besides tweaking the sensitivity of the portfolio item image, I am not sure what else needs to be fixed.

    3) Vimeo video worked 100%. [The video that has the image of that lion/dog looking thing]. Youtube works 100% [Video of Lord of the Rings prequel].

    I am installing a screen recorder on the iPad and will shortly post a video to illustrate my words better. But usability wise i give it a solid A, looks awesome.

    Please help us help you. What versions of ipad are you using? Is this first hand information or your clients experiencing problems. We are here to help straighten this out even if it means Kriesi having to buy each support team member 5 iPads to do it! :)




    Nick, thank you for posting and investigating via “i” devices. Please try upgrading to iOS 6. We bought the Choices theme while running iOS 5 on my iPad and iPhone. Our site is very video heavy (all Vimeo.com embeds) and the videos played fine on my iPad and iPhone. As you described, they were an A. We were very pleased.

    Somehow, iOS 6 messed that up. Since the update, we can not play any videos. We are now directing people AWAY from our site to view our videos on Vimeo.com. This is not good. Please continue to push Kriesi to resolve this issue. Thanks.

    I am investigating Firebug for the iPad and will see what I can come up with to help you. Thanks.



    Thanks @fwcmedia. Last thing I expected was for Apple to put out substandard releases.

    Kriesi I am certain has an update strategy as always, so we are here with you.

    To install Firebug in ipad, just go here http://pastebin.com/SuT0h1sC , copy that javascript, then bookmark any page you want, change the name of the book mark to Firebug, and paste the javascript where the bookmark url is (delete the bookmark url first). And when you want to launch firebug you just click the Firebug bookmark.




    I installed Firebug but couldn’t find anything. It still doesn’t work on my site, your example site. I noticed that Kriesi has been posting on the Choices forum. I hope to see an update soon. Thanks!


    I think Kriesi is in update mode now so we should see some forward momentum from him on this issue soon :)




    K got the problem. Seems that ios6 has a different handling of touchstart and click events, a small modification to the slideshow should fix all the problems. ETA: next 16 hours.

    Thanks for your patience and your insights, they were very helpful in finding this error ;)



    Hey Kriesi, was the update pushed? I checked twitter/facebook and didn’t see anything. Thanks in advance.


    Hi FWCMedia,

    Please check http://themeforest.net/signin , the update has been released. SIgn in with the same name you used to purchase the theme and you will find it in the same location where you downloaded the original version.



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